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09-12 August 2024


Are you a passionate social dancer?

I mean REALLY passionate?

Are you madly in love with the friendly vibe and laid-back atmosphere of afternoon socials?

Great! We have the PERFECT event for you!

Join us for Our BerlinSalsaMarathon 2024!

Let us invite you to 42 hours of social dancing,

with 250 like minded souls,

in a stunning waterfront location right at one of the most beautiful lakes of Berlin.

We are going to create a little social dancer's paradise for you,

with excellent music, lovely people and great dancing.

And food and drinks are included!

The Marathon concept

What makes a SalsaMarathon so special?

Those of you who have never been to a SalsaMarathon before

might be asking themselves what all the hype is about!

First of all it's all about social dance. Lots of it, too! And there are no shows and no workshops.


But beyond the dancing the beauty of a marathon is in it's warm and friendly atmosphere.

Marathons are much smaller than the average festival, with a cozy and laid-back vibe and enough time to chill and relax in between dances and to hang out with old friends and make plenty of new ones!

Food and drink are included at a marathon, to enable you to dance as long as your feet are willing without being distracted by a rumbling stomach and a threat of dehydration.

Another advantage of a marathon: they are role balanced.

We will ask you to register for the event beforehand and will balance out leaders and followers, so that everybody gets to have the best time possible!

the marathon concept


Our stunning venue - the Palais am See (aka Tegeler Seeterassen) - is located directly at one of Berlin's most beautiful lakes in the north of the city.

The Palais has a huge air-conditioned ballroom with an excellent floor and a well balanced sound system, a big gallery for relaxing, eating and chatting with friends and a lovely outdoor area giving you a first row seat to one of the most spectacular summer sunsets in Berlin.

The neighborhood is a mixture of vibrant and idyllic – giving you great infrastructure like public transport day and night, numerous restaurants and shops on one hand, while letting you enjoy the historic charms of an old village church and relaxing walks along green boulevards by the lake on the other.

This is our beautiful ballroom:

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-09 at 02.18.57.jpeg

Venue of our Pre-Party


Let's kick off the BerlinSalsaMarathon weekend with our very own pre-party at La Mambita!


Our SalsaMarathon will take place from 09.-12. August. And because we know you guys can't get enough of it, we are going to kick of the BerlinSalsaMarathon weekend with our very own pre-party on Thursday, 08. August. Get ready for a long weekend full of fun and dancing!


pre-party from 21:30 - 2:00

Join us for our official pre-party@La Mambita!



social dancing from 18:00 - 06:00

22:00 - 23:00 awesome live music

24:00 midnight soup

05:00 fresh croissants


social dancing from 12:00 - 20:00 // 22:00 - 06:00

12:00 - 14:00 brunch buffet

17:00 afternoon cake

20:00 - 22:00 go-have-dinner break

24:00 midnight soup

05:00 fresh croissants


social dancing from 12:00 - 20:00 // 22:00 - 05:00

12:00 - 14:00 brunch buffet

17:00 afternoon cake

17:30 - 18:30 awesome live music

20:00 - 22:00 go-have-dinner break

24:00 midnight soup

04:00 fresh croissants


DJs & Live-Band

Remember how I said we would create a social dancer's paradise for you at this marathon, with excellent music, lovely people and great dancing?

Here are our awesome DJs who are going to provide the excellent music!

On top of that and back to our fabulous BerlinSalsaMarathon by popular demand: our new favorite band



Here is finally a band that truly plays for us dancers: Not only are they excellent musicians, but the songs they play are chosen and arranged with the social dancer in mind, which makes it an unique and amazing experience to dance to their music!



How are we doing so far in providing the perfect framework for your social dancing madness?

A beautiful location with a perfect wooden floor and excellent sound system? Check! Amazing DJs? Check!

Awesome live music? Check!

Lovely people from all over the world to dance with? Check!


What else do you need?

You will need to eat and drink, right? Don't worry, we will take good care of you!

Saturday and Sunday we are going to start with a brunch buffet at 12:00h to get everybody together and out of bed. There will be delicious pancakes made for you on the spot from 12:30h - so don't miss it! If you do feel you need that one precious hour of sleep more – breakfast is on until 14:00h.

Even the greatest brunch doesn't last forever so at 17:00h we will make you happy with some yummy afternoon cake. At 20:00h we will turn off the music for our dinner break - we know you would never be able to leave otherwise - during which you will have the dinner of your choice and liking in one of the numerous restaurants within walking distance.

Late at night when dinner is a mere memory and you start to get hungry again, we will serve you some hearty midnight soup which will keep you going for the rest of the night - at least until we feed you fresh croissants at 05:00h in the morning!

Still missing something? Are one of those dancers who not only like to dance a lot, but tend to sweat just a little? We have you covered: unlimited free water all day and night. Tea and coffee also!

For those of you who are looking for something stronger: a fully equipped bar and friendly bar staff will be waiting for your (not included) orders.



Since you will probably need to sleep occasionally, too - here are recommendations for some nice

Hotels and hostels close to the venue:

1. Hotel am Borsigturm

Am Borsigturm 1

13507 Berlin

- we managed to convince HaB to reserve most of their rooms exclusively for you guys!

- use our code ALLYOUCANDANCE to make your reservation by email or phone

- rooms can be cancelled free of charge until 35 days before the event, while getting the otherwise non-cancellable early bird price

- price for a single room Fri-Mon 85 Euros per night // double room 110 Euros per night

2. Hotel Alt-Tegel

(already sold out, but worth checking again)

Treskowstrasse 3-4, 13507 Berlin,


3. Central Hotel

(two easy bus stops away)

Holzhauser Strasse 2, 13509 Berlin

3. Premium Hostel,

Nordlichtstrasse 24, 13405 Berlin,


4. Good Morning Berlin City West,

Kögelstrasse 12-13, 13403 Berlin,

How to get to the venue:


In Berlin we are blessed with pretty efficient and pretty cheap public transport. Not that that would keep us from complaining about it all the time!

Our venue is in the green north of Berlin with easy access to public transport and only a few minutes walking distance from metro stop "Alt-Tegel" (line U6) and s-train stop "Tegel" (S25).


Arrival by car:

Like almost everywhere in Berlin parking spots around our venue are free of charge, but hard to find. Once you have found one you better leave the car there for the weekend!

Alternatively our venue has it's own parking area only a minute away, but that's 1 Euro per hour.

Travel & Stay


Your pass for the BerlinSalsaMarathon will cost only 169 Euros!


This includes:


with six great DJs and an awesome live-band


midnight soup on Friday, Saturday & Sunday

brunch buffet on Saturday & Sunday

afternoon cake on Saturday & Sunday

+ fresh croissants every morning

+ plenty of fruit & snacks


 unlimited water, tea & coffee

Sounds great, right? Then let's find out about our

Registration process

Remember how marathons are a little different from your average Salsa festival?


Since we only have a limited number of spots and want to create a role balanced event with an equal number of followers and leaders there will be



To get a ticket you NEED TO REGISTER BEFOREHAND - since we have only 250 spots which will fill up quickly - we suggest you do it as soon as possible!

So if you want to be part of our fabulous SalsaMarathon make sure you

register in time!


Registration for our

BerlinSalsaMarathon 2024

will open 15th March!

After registration you will (1) receive an invitation from us with payment instructions. After we have (2) received the money for your ticket we will (3) send you your confirmation, and ONLY THEN is when you should go ahead and book your flights and hotel - and start counting down the days in happy anticipation!

Prices & Registration
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